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Architectural Request - Terms
The architectural request webpage is a web forum that sends an email to the Community’s Board of Directors along with an email receipt sent to the user specified email address entered on the web forum. The intended use of this web forum is to notify a Community’s Board of Directors of a resident architectural request. This is an automated service that is not monitored by DNS Property Management, Inc., or its staff.  DNS Property Management, Inc. is contractually engaged by your community to provide bookkeeping services ONLY. This architectural request forwarding service is a free value-added service that can be modified and/or removed at any time. Responding to architectural request submitted via the maintenance webpage is the responsibility of the Community’s Board of Directors, and not DNS Property Management, Inc., or its staff members. We  suggest that you contact your Board of Directors in the event you do not receive a response to your architectural request. DNS Property Management, Inc shall not be held liable for any damages associated to a architectural request that is not resolved timely. By using the architectural request webpage, you consent to the above terms.